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Learn how to identity, analyze, negotiate, and close an agency acquisition.

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For entrepreneurs driven to achieve company growth through acquisitions.

M&A Community

A community that gives you the support to acquire multiple companies a year.

Not Your Cookie Cutter Training

This M&A course and content is specifically for agency owners and entrepreneurs who want to buy an agency.

Developed by An Agency Owner

Save yourself years (decades, even) of trial and error by tapping into proven growth strategies and agency-building systems.

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Get ongoing access to support, community, and guides to help you acquire companies to scale your agency.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Agency Growth

Implementing the lessons in this course will help you avoid the major pitfalls that come up when you’re growing quickly.

This Content Is Perfect for You If You Are...

Eyeing Acquisitions

If you’re considering acquiring a smaller, specialized agency to rapidly expand your client base and onboard skilled marketers, this course will be your roadmap.

Considering an Exit Strategy

If you’re contemplating selling your agency in the foreseeable future and want to ensure you get the best valuation and transition smoothly, the insights in this course are invaluable.

Leading a Robust Team

If you’re at the helm of a large team (30+ employees) and seeking strategies to streamline operations, foster team cohesion, and drive growth through acquisitions, this course is tailored for you.

Seeking Work-Life Harmony

Balancing the demands of running an agency with personal commitments, especially if you have a family, can be daunting. This course will guide you in growing your business strategically without compromising on personal time.

Agency Acquisitions and Exits Podcast

Every week I interview agency founders and learn about their biggest challenges in selling or acquiring companies.

You’ll learn how agencies worldwide solve agency challenges including strengthening, scaling, and selling their businesses for a higher multiple than they thought possible.

Agency Acquisitions and Exits With Peter Lang

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