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January 17, 2024

Envision a Future Where Your Agency Has Doubled in Size – This Course Can Guide You There

Solve Business Problems with M&A

Who This Course Is Designed For

Entrepreneurs driven to achieve significant company expansion through calculated acquisitions.

If your agency has consistently demonstrated year-over-year growth, yet the milestones you envisioned remain unreached, or if the pace of client acquisition and retention is becoming increasingly taxing, this course is expressly designed to align with your ambitions.

Success Stories

What People Are Saying

Doubling in Business Size, Overnight

The Impact of Your First Acquisition

Delivering on the Promise

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What You Receive

Exclusive Insights with Live, Interactive Support

In-Depth Weekly Live Video Training

Participate in extensive, week-by-week live video sessions, led by industry experts. Each session meticulously covers various stages of the acquisition process, starting from identifying viable business targets to the complex nuances of integration. We impart actionable strategies, proven frameworks, and practical tactics, illustrated with real-world examples that empower you to move forward with confidence.

Comprehensive Playbooks

Equip yourself with a robust set of tools designed to propel your agency’s growth. Our course provides access to a library of proven standard operating procedures, checklists, reference sheets, templates, and scripts—carefully curated to guide you every step of the way.

Maximizing Business Valuation

Discover the precise methodology that can significantly enhance your business’s valuation. This course teaches you how to tactically position your agency to attract higher valuation multiples, offering you a competitive edge whether you’re considering selling now or in the future.

Group Office Hours and Live Coaching

Benefit from regularly scheduled group office hours that complement your learning journey. These interactive sessions provide a platform for you to engage with Peter and other guests, pose questions, clarify doubts, and receive personalized advice and feedback on your progress.

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Invest in Tangible Growth

Consider this course as an investment that is designed to yield returns. The comprehensive strategies and insights you acquire will equip you to more than recoup your investment. Indeed, the first successful acquisition you execute post-course could transform your agency’s trajectory, rendering the cost of enrollment a wise investment.

Course Module Overview

Each Module is a Live Training

Embark on a transformative journey designed to equip agency owners with the knowledge, strategies, and tools essential for scaling through mergers and acquisitions. In this course, you will navigate through the intricate landscape of M&A, mastering the skills necessary to identify promising targets, negotiate favorable terms, and seamlessly integrate acquisitions to catalyze your agency’s growth. 

Phase 1: Find

Phase 2: Evaluate

Phase 3: Structure

Phase 4: Close

Phase 5: Integrate

What You Will Learn

How to identify, analyze, negotiate, and close an agency acquisition.

Develop the skills to identify, analyze, negotiate, and successfully close an agency acquisition, transforming you into an adept dealmaker.

Embark on your M&A journey with a solid foundation. This course empowers you to understand the strategic significance of M&A for your business. Learn to align your M&A activities with current trends, disruptions, and your agency’s growth objectives, while clearly defining the parameters of your deals.

Acquire the skills to distinguish curious inquiries from serious, motivated sellers. Refine your communication approach, knowing exactly what to say, what questions to pose, and how to present your propositions during your interactions with potential sellers.

Uncover the strategic formula to escalate your M&A activities, enabling you to systematically and efficiently consolidate multiple owner-operated agencies under your leadership.

Instill a culture of urgency in your M&A initiatives. Learn to harness competitive dynamics, spot significant opportunities, and pre-emptively mitigate potential crises, ultimately driving substantial value for your agency.

Not all 15X multiples are created equal. Develop an acute sense for accurately evaluating an agency’s worth. Understand what information is essential for valuation, the key indicators to look for, and the critical questions to ask to ascertain an agency’s genuine value.

Seventy percent of acquisitions falter due to poorly executed integrations. Gain insights into the common pitfalls of post-acquisition integration and acquire strategies to retain clients and employees while avoiding revenue losses and operational headaches.

Prepare for a future where your agency thrives, even when you are on an extended vacation, sabbatical, or have sold the company. Design a practical and effective succession plan that ensures your agency remains in capable hands.

Understand why bypassing listed sales channels, such as brokers and bankruptcy practitioners, is a strategic advantage. Learn how to engage directly with agency owners, allowing you to craft deal structures that address their unique circumstances, fostering win-win scenarios. This approach not only yields quicker results but also eliminates the need for middlemen, thereby streamlining the acquisition process.

Are You Prepared to Transform Your Agency?

Your agency’s potential for growth is vast and achievable — more quickly and strategically than you might have believed possible.


Your journey to transformation begins here.

Elevate Your Business Growth

This course represents not merely an expense, but a strategic investment in your agency’s future – one that is, moreover, a tax-deductible business expense.

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