Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the courses, live, on-demand, or free training? Find your answers below. If you have a question about M&A you can submit your M&A questions here for it to be answered in upcoming Q&A or depending on your question, answered via email. 

Live M&A Course Questions

The course is available for purchase in all countries. Please note the live course training is in the central timezone.

After the live training, the recorded sessions will be uploaded to a membership section and you will have access to it for life.

There are two courses available for purchase, live and on-demand. The live course is taught online and starts September 20, 2023.

The live course calendar is available to view on the course page. After each live training, the recording will be uploaded to your membership area and you will have access to it for life.

The last training session of the course is a live Q&A where you can submit your questions beforehand to ensure you get your answers. If you need further support after the course in your acquisitions you can get 1:1 consulting.

Plan to allocate around 6-8 hours weekly for the live sessions and an additional hour for actionable items.

If you feel the course is not right for you within the first three sessions of the course we’ll provide a full refund.

The Agency M&A course spans 5 weeks with multiple weekly live sessions.

Absolutely. The live sessions include Q&A portions, and there’s a dedicated live Q&A session at the end of the course.

While the core strategies are designed for agencies, many principles can be applied to other service-based businesses.

Yes, the course is structured to accommodate both beginners and those with some prior knowledge of acquisitions.

Certainly. While some strategies are US-specific, most principles are universal and can be adapted to various regions.

Yes, many of Peter’s students don’t own agencies and apply the programmatic framework to a wide variety of service and traditional companies. For example, ranging from home services, IT, managing consulting, and insurance.

General M&A Questions

The duration varies based on the deal’s complexity and size of the acquisition, but typically, acquisitions can take anywhere from 3 months to over a year.

To see tangible results, an individual should dedicate at least 5-10 hours a week to M&A activities, including research, negotiations, and due diligence. If you have a team that number will expand.

Deal-making demands dedicated attention. When actively pursuing a deal, especially when working towards signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) or after having an LOI in place, anticipate dedicating 10-20 hours per week.For tangible outcomes in M&A activities, including research, negotiations, and due diligence, one should allocate a minimum of 5-10 hours weekly. If you’re working with a team, the collective hours invested will naturally increase.

On-Demand M&A Course Questions

Yes, you can upgrade by paying the difference in price between the two courses. Please email with the subject line “Upgrade M&A Course” and we’ll get you signed up for the upcoming live course. 

The on-demand course is a compilation of previously recorded live sessions without live support or the ability to ask questions about your current deals. The live course has new modules and live Q&A sessions at the end of the course to review any deals or questions you have without an additional cost.

21 FREE Email List Course

While it’s designed to give you an introduction to M&A, it doesn’t delve as deep as our paid courses. Think of it as a primer or introduction to the topic.

You’ll receive one email daily over the course of 21 days.

If there is a question that you have that is specific to an acquisition you are working on consider booking a 1:1 consulting session with Peter or if it’s a general M&A question Submit a question to get it answered in upcoming Q&A sessions. If you are actively working on deals and need more information on how to grow your business with acquisitions take a look at the upcoming live M&A course with live sessions and support. 

1:1 Consulting Questions

You can book directly through the consulting page. There are two options that you can choose from, a one-time call or a year-long commitment. Depending on your growth goals and the deals that you have active you can select an option that is best for your business situation.

Any topic related to agency growth, mergers, acquisitions, or any challenges you’re facing in these areas of your business.

Absolutely. You can book as many sessions as you need, or consider the year-long consulting for continuous guidance.

Yes, Peter provides bespoke advice based on your agency’s unique situation, challenges, and goals.