Mergers and Acquisitions Strategic Advisor

I Will Help You Scale Your Agency with Acquisitions

This advisory program is specifically designed for marketing agency owners who want to scale their businesses through strategic acquisitions and seek an experienced advisor to handle the acquisition strategy, calls, negotiations, and closing alongside them.

Deep dive into Agency M&A

Peter Lang M&A Advisor

Hi, I'm Peter Lang

My mission is to guide you through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, ensuring your company meets its growth targets and secures maximum value from every deal.

If you’re serious about growth through acquisitions and don’t want to go through years of trial and error this is the best option for you and your agency.

Working with an M&A advisor

The most valuable days of 2023!! I literally walked away with 2 deal leads and a roadmap to add $1M in EBITA. And, spending focus time on my specific deals and narratives, I got 2 referrals for deals that will set the stage for a $15M exit in the next 24-36 mos. Thank you, Peter!

Garrett McClure

Why Partner with an M&A Advisor?

More specifically, why I should be your M&A advisor:

Your Agency Ally

I exclusively work with marketing agency owners. With firsthand experience as an agency owner, a track record of acquiring agencies, and conversations with hundreds of agency owners about scaling their businesses, I deeply understand the agency space. My expertise in navigating the nuances of agency life ensures you acquire, integrate, and scale with the most effective acquisitions.

Cut Down the Years of Learning

Accelerate your agency’s expansion by leveraging my expertise, saving you years of ups and downs from organic growth and avoiding the trial and error of managing acquisitions on your own.

Expert Guidance

With my extensive experience and knowledge in M&A, I help you navigate complex transactions with confidence. More importantly, having a seasoned advisor with a fresh perspective and years of expertise ensures long-term success and value.

Risk Mitigation

My expert advice and thorough due diligence will help you avoid costly mistakes. I meticulously analyze every aspect of potential acquisitions, identifying risks and addressing them proactively. By leveraging my extensive experience, you can confidently make informed decisions that safeguard your business. My strategic approach ensures that every transaction aligns with your long-term goals, minimizing financial and operational risks while maximizing the potential for success.

What’s Include with Advisor Role:


  • Scope: Part-time comprehensive strategic advisory, including all phases of the M&A process.
  • Investment: $150,000 – $250,000 annually (paid monthly). Total tied to an equity percentage. 
  • Equity Interest: A 2-10% equity-based incentive to align my efforts with your long-term growth goals.

I am leaving with the ability to likely move not just one, but two deals over the line in the next month or two. I showed up with one big and one small deal to talk about, and I think because I was able to be clear on my deal narrative and goals (and was here in the room), Peter had a company he was talking to that was a perfect fit for my particular legal niche focused narrative and introduced me to a company that will be a perfect fit. Very exciting.

Mark Homer, GNGF CEO

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