Private Agency M&A Slack Group

Welcome to the Agency M&A Slack Group, led by Peter Lang, a seasoned M&A expert, active buyer/investor, and Mentor. 

This exclusive community is for CEOs and owners in the agency space, where members can connect, share insights, and explore growth opportunities through mergers and acquisitions.

Why Join?

I am building this community for founders who have gone through business buying courses, mine or others, or read books and want a community to hold them accountable and learn/share honest, non-posturing insights so they can actually do deals.

Engagement is the hardest part.  In some groups, it feels like everyone is posturing or selling, so it’s hard to get a real feeling of community. So I’m being cautious, and the need to curate the right kind of people is key. 

It’s not just what people think they are looking to gain from a community; it’s whether they are willing to ask what they think may be a dumb question that, in reality, is a question most people don’t even know they have. 

The Agency M&A Slack Group offers a private opportunity to network with peers, gain insights from an M&A expert, and leverage collective knowledge for business growth.

It’s a space where ambitious agency leaders can collaborate, learn, and thrive in the evolving world of agency M&A.

Join us and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of agency growth through mergers and acquisitions.


Best-in-class community of CEOs, agency owners, and entrepreneurs. 

  • Agency Owners 
  • Entrepreneur using M&A for growth
  • CEOs seeking growth through M&A

Membership is based on shared interests and commitment to the M&A journey

Value of the Community

  • Direct access to Peter Lang’s insights, complementing his live online courses and in-depth training.
  • Opportunity to discuss strategies on agency expansion, valuation enhancement, and effective deal structuring.
  • A space to share challenges and success stories, fostering peer learning and support.

Engagement and Learning

  • Regular interactive sessions and group discussions.
  • Access to a network of like-minded professionals, facilitating valuable connections and collaborations.
  • Inclusive of diverse perspectives, from those scaling their agencies to those considering acquisitions or exits.

Guidelines & Etiquette

  • Confidentiality and professionalism are paramount. You are not NDA’ed, but we follow a set of guidelines that are provided in the community.
  • Engaging, relevant, and respectful discussions are encouraged.
  • Assume the best from everyone in the community.
  • The group aims to be a resource for practical advice and support, not for advertising services or self-promotion.
  • Sharing insights with the community is what will make it awesome!

Active Participation – A Must:

Engagement is crucial in our community. We value active participation and meaningful contributions. Please note that if you don’t engage regularly, we may cancel your membership to maintain the dynamic and interactive nature of the group.

Application Process

To maintain quality and relevance, members are selected based on their industry role and their commitment to the principles of agency M&A.

Interested individuals can apply through the dedicated form below, providing details of their experience and objectives in the M&A space.

Membership Fee

There is a small monthly fee to join the private slack group. Cost goes to monthly user fees and administrative costs to keep the slack community active. 
  • $97 per month 
  • If you’ve previously taken one of my M&A courses: $27 per month