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This course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to achieve large-scale company growth.

If your agency has been steadily growing year over year, but has yet to achieve its growth goals OR you are tired of the slow pace of acquiring and retaining clients, this course is perfect for you.

Course Content

An overview of the modules included

Module 1

Ideal Agency Targets

Module 2

Finding Agency Deals the Right Way

Module 3

Finding Motivated Agency Sellers

Module 4

Knowing What To Say + Ask

Module 5

Legal, Analytical, & Financial

Module 6

Agency Valuation & Due Diligence

Module 7

Confidentiality, Negotiation, & Closing

Module 8

Navigating Agency Leadership Issues

Module 9

Integration Masterclass

Module 10

Integration of People

The Full Blueprint for Business Growth via Mergers & Acquisitions

… without hiring an M&A advisor or relying on business brokers. Learn how you can execute M&A with a clear set of playbooks, a connection between the acquisition and your business strategy, and your integration plan.

What Will You Learn?

How to identity, analyze, negotiate, and close an agency acquisition.

Developing your blueprint for M&A starts with getting a perspective on why programmatic M&A works for you. You’ll understand how to identify where M&A offers the opportunity to fill your gaps in your business growth. You’ll determine how your M&A strategy capitalizes on recent trends and disruptions and define the boundaries and constraints of your deals.

Gain an understanding of how to make the distinction between owners just wanting information and motivated sellers. Learn what to say, ask, and how to say it on the many calls you will have with potential sellers.

Learn the formula to scale M&A activities and rollup a handful to a dozen owner-operators.

Establish a sense of urgency through programmatic M&A. Leverage competitive realities, identify major opportunities, and avoid potential crises.

Every business owner wants 15X multiples on their business — but how do you know if their agency is really worth what they are asking for? Learn how to get the information you need for valuations, what to look for, and what questions to ask to determine a company’s true worth.

A simple Google search shows that 70% of acquisitions fail because of poor post-deal integrations. Deals are easy; integrations are hard. Not properly integrating the acquired company will result in lost revenue, high employee turnover, lost client accounts, and a headache for everyone involved.

Every owner wants to know how to go on extended vacations, long sabbaticals, or sell the company without getting stuck in the post-deal day-to-day operations. Learn how to avoid this by creating an agency owner succession plan.

Learn why you shouldn’t be looking for agencies for sale through websites, brokers, or bankruptcy practitioners. This course will lay out why you should deal directly with agency owners; you can present a deal structure that solves their issues and gets you a win-win deal (rather than competing in an auction or providing a middleman a cut of the deal). With our method, you’ll see results much faster and save yourself from that painful nine- to 18-month process.

Success Case Studies

Doubling in Business Size, Overnight

The Impact of Your First Acquisition

Delivering on the Promise

Making Deals Happen

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