Grow Your Marketing Agency Faster.

Access virtual courses that will give you proven, powerful strategies for growing a marketing agency:

For marketing agency owners, leadership team members and investors.

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Do You ...

Want to grow all areas of your agency faster?

Do You ...

Want to retire and exit your agency?

Or Do You...

Want to learn about agency growth via mergers & acquisitions?

You’ll not only get the cash flow you need to scale quickly — you’ll also get professional marketing consulting and access to professional Human Resources directors. They’ll help you hire the best of the best using our cash.

Not Your Typical Courses

Access a full stack of growth tools.

Developed by Agency Owners

Tap into the minds of agency owners who have succeeded and grown using the exact systems they’ll teach you.

Save yourself years (decades, even) of trial and error by tapping into proven agency-building systems and methodologies.

Access Ongoing Support

Other courses leave you to apply the teachings on your own — without support. Not this one.

Our courses offer ongoing access to a leadership team that supports and guides your implementation of course lessons.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Agency Growth

Implementing the lessons in this course will help you avoid the major pitfalls that come up when you’re growing quickly.

We can be honest about this because, well, we’ve been there. And, we offer to guide you away (and at times, around) those same pitfalls that are waiting for you on the path ahead.

Access operational SOPs to maximize team output & efficiencies.

Get instant access to our proven step-by-step playbooks.

Improve your agency’s marketing & sales systems.

Mentorship from top agency growth experts.

Proven knowledge, resources, and tools — with a leadership support team at your fingertips.

Learn aggressive growth systems for agency partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

What Will You Learn?

Leverage decades of knowledge and experience from agency growth experts.


Strength Pillars


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Meet the Investors and Our Leadership Team

Peter Lang​

Agency CEO, Advisor

Peter is an agency owner, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with more than 11 years of experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies. Peter will be leading course instruction in several areas, including how to grow via mergers & acquisitions.

Vanessa Lang

Agency Investor, President

Vanessa manages product development, streamlines workflows, systems coordinator, and constructs operational teams to achieve agency growth goals. Vanessa will be leading course instruction around agency team structure, workflows and company objectives/goals.

Michele Lopez

Agency Head of Process

Michele is an expert in Agile Scrum, overseeing agency communication and processes to prevent impediments in client deliverables and team output. Michele will be leading instruction on how your team can implement Agile systems to create more predictable, manageable outcomes internally and for clients.

Tony Atkins

Agency Head of M&A Strategy

Tony, a former agency owner whose agency was acquired in 2020, is an expert in developing outreach systems that drive opportunities for growth. Tony will be leading lessons on how you can grow via mergers & acquisitions.

Andy Contiguglia

Agency General Legal Counsel

Andy is a legal consultant to agency owners with a focus on providing strategic business advisory services. Andy will be leading instruction on the legal systems, processes, and measures you will need to consider as your agency grows.

Have Any Questions?

What kind of agencies are best equipped for the courses?

Agencies that range from solopreneurs to teams of 50. We have a vast amount of expertise and knowledge in areas including sales, business strategy, scrum, and human resources.

What outcomes can I expect from these courses?

Better operational efficiency, stronger company culture, increased team happiness, and clearer cohesiveness. You can also expect a higher business valuation and streamlined client service delivery.

How can I contact you?

Easy! Just leave your phone number in your form submission and one of our team members will reach out to assist you.

Is this only for agencies located in North America?

Location does not matter. Our course content works for agencies around the world. Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, Japan. Location is never an issue.